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Hi I'm Katy

Happiest When Creating

I started Katy Rose Mosi because tangible beauty is satisfying to the soul and watercolors get us there.

The Backstory

I fell in love with watercolors when I decided to hand paint over 100 invitations for my own wedding in 2016. I had no idea you could paint something and get it copied at the printer, so instead I spent close to 40 hours hand painting and hand lettering invitations with the help of my almost-husband and some very dedicated friends. The 100th wedding invitation was the one I sent to my own mother, while my best friend received the first. There was a very big difference, let me assure you.

Since then, I bought better watercolors and learned how to paint using online tutorials and practicing and failing a lot. I GOT BETTER. I also had two babies and found great peace and purpose in becoming a proficient painter. My friends started asking me for custom pieces - wedding stationary, portraits, maps - and I liked the new challenges. Now, I feel confident that I can make your watercolor dreams come true.  

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